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In 2017, Frills was conceived in a Brooklyn bedroom studio where fellow New Zealanders Simon Oscroft and Dan Gibson collaborated for the first time. Their first single ‘My Love’ was written and recorded in its entirety one afternoon in the New York winter. It became clear to the pair that they had unintentionally created a band and uploaded the track soon after. With support from popular press such as Hillydilly, Line of Best Fit and NYLON and big Spotify streaming playlists such as Ultimate Indie and Feel Good Indie Rock  - the songs have continued to rise in popularity.


Since their start in Brooklyn, the band now lives between Australia and Los Angeles. With an unfinished album, the band collaborated during quarantine to finish what they had started. Their new single “I’m Going Under” is a song reminiscent of their time together in Brooklyn. Frills have new life and are set to release their album early Fall 2020.

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